The Island

NOW Gallery, Greenwich Peninsula

19 May – 25 June 2017


The NOW Gallery is turning into a sort of pop-up book for The Island exhibition, an otherworldly story for all ages, imagined and created by French illustrators Iciori.

The story will be pieced together with 3D landscapes, characters and words with its ending revealed at the centre of the island. Along this trip, Icinori want you to imagine, daydream – if you will – and let The Island take you away. Even if just for a moment.

Icinori is made up of Mayumi Otero and Raphael Urwiller, a multi-talented twosome whose unique work has seen them illustrate, design, print and publish for the likes of by Le Monde, New York Times, Wired, Pompidou Metx, Canal + and Wired. They also have 30 books and counting to add to their ever-growing body of work.

For more information, visit the NOW Gallery.