The Empathy Museum

Peninsula Square, Greenwich Peninsula

11 June – 2 July 2016


The world's first Empathy Museum comes to Peninsula Square

Elusive and fascinating, empathy has been on the mind of scientists, psychologists and philosophers for centuries, and it’s being explored right here on Peninsula Square.

Part of the LIFT festival, the world’s first Empathy Museum is a unique voyage into the very ‘thing’ that makes us human and will showcase three emotive exhibitions: A Mile in My Shoes, A Thousand and One Books and A Human Library.

A Mile in My Shoes is a mini expedition into someone else’s life. Grab some shoes and headphones, and walk a mile as the owner of the pair shares intimate details from their life, from the bizarre to the harrowing.

A Thousand and One Books is a library with 1001 life-altering books, kindly donated by their owners who have parted from their favourite reads. As of 11 June you can pick up a book or walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

A Human Library is like no other. Instead of borrowing a book you’ll lend your ears to somebody as they become the pages, chapters and the story. Taking place for one day only, Saturday 25 June will be a marriage of minds as strangers peer into others’ lives.

To listen to extracts from ‘A Mile in My Shoes’, visit the Empathy Museum.