Indirect Sunlight


12 July – 23 September 2018


British summertime might be a notoriously unreliable beast, but for three months NOW Gallery will be creating an oasis of greenery and calm that’s entirely unreliant on the fickle real world weather.

From July 12th to September 23rd, Glaswegian artists Laura Aldridge and James Rigler will be transforming the space into a rural retreat, bringing nature indoors and creating an ever-evolving place in which to retreat from the outside hustle and bustle and indulge in a moment of quiet.

‘Indirect Sunlight’ will begin life as a series of topiary-based sculptures, fabric and ceramic elements and water features, but will then grow and change as visitors begin to add their own flourishes to the piece. Designed to mirror the changing landscape of the Peninsula itself during its ongoing regeneration project, Aldridge and Rigler’s commission is intended as a collaborative work, inviting the public to pot new plants and sow new seeds, adding and progressing the piece as a group. By the end, these new additions will begin to break through, bringing renewed life to the original piece.

With the aim of creating a calm space that echoes the quiet peace of a memorial garden or allotment, ‘Indirect Sunlight’ will provide a pocket of solace to retreat to. Even if your fingers are far from green, this one should be a breath of fresh air.

For more information, please visit NOW Gallery