1 - 3pm, The Garden Shed, Peninsula Garden, Greenwich Peninsula

14–20 August 2017


Celebrate the eclectic mix of flora and fauna found on the Peninsula through a series of ‘Honeyscribe’ workshops with artist Amy Shelton. Working from our garden shed, Amy has crafted a pop-up herbarium studio full of pressed and preserved plants found around the Pennsula.

Every day from 1 – 3 pm, Shelton will open up the studio for kids to join her and draw onto delightfully smelling beeswax-coated paper. A quick glance at the studio and you’ll see that it pays homage to nature and bees; alongside flower presses, there’s a lightbox illuminated with snow drops, dandelions and apple blossom – all hand-picked as bees depend on them to survive. A visit to the studio gives kids an insight into pollination and why the bee is small but mighty.