The Idler presents: Business for Bohemians talk

Farmopolis, Greenwich Peninsula

12 October 2016


A successful idle businessman. Sounds oxymoronic doesn’t it? Tom Hodgkinson, the co-founder of the Idler Academy, thinks otherwise.

Back in 1991 when he was tired of his job, 23-year-old journalist Tom Hodgkinson lay on his bed dreaming of starting a magazine called The Idler. He’d found the title in a collection of essays by Dr.Johnson, himself a indolent man. How to live, that was the question. How to be free and create and play?

Now, The Idler helps thousands of people live freer lives to make or do nothing at all. It hosts talks at festivals, has an academy in London and publishes a quarterly journal.

During this talk at Farmopolis, Tom will combine practical advice with laugh-out-loud anecdotes from his candid book, Business for Bohemians, for those who want more freedom in their working lives. He’ll run through business tips and open up discussion to the audience.

If you run a creative business or plan to, pop by. The view from Farmopolis on The Jetty is pretty amazing too.

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