What's here

What's here

The Peninsula doesn't pretend to be one thing – it's more interesting than that. Emerging all the time is an eclectic mix of new cafes, bars, restaurants, places for music, for art and just to chill out. Explore what's already here on the Peninsula using the map below.

Art & Design

Wander round free exhibitions, dive in to workshops and seek out public art scattered across the Peninsula.

Tools of Endearment

Kalliopi Lemos’ trio of sculptures, which form part of the ongoing series ‘Tools of Endearment’, are on display at Peninsula Square. The ‘Bra’, the ‘Stiletto Heel’ and the never before seen ‘Corset’ are intended to spark a conversation about the role of femininity.

Discover more at NOW Gallery.


NOW Gallery

Free to enter, free to explore, a unique Marks Barfield designed space at the heart of the Peninsula. A revolving programme by shortlisted artists, designers and creatives curated by Jemima Burrill fills the double-height gallery in daring and provocative ways.


A Bullet from a Shooting Star - Alex Chinneck

Surrealism meets spectacle in the unconventional form of an upside down electricity pylon. A mammoth 35 metres high, 15 tons and 1186 metres of steel have been shot into the earth as a homage to the Peninsula’s rich industrial heritage.


The Optic Cloak - Conrad Shawcross

The Optic Cloak is a dynamic and beguiling architectural intervention, a sculpted surface that appears to change continually and envelops the low carbon Energy Centre.

Discover more about The Optic Cloak.

A Pinch In Time

A Pinch In Time is a sculptural mural by FleaFolly Architects. Made up of 1200 ceramic tiles, it’s inspired by the Peninsula’s industrial history.


The Change – Ricardo Cavolo

Swathes of bright, bold, colourful artworks from Spanish Artist ​​Ricardo Cavolo m​ake up ‘The Change’ near Central Park. Iconic characters influenced by Spanish folk art and tattoos brought to the heart of the Peninsula.


Assembly Way - Jack Taylor

Get lost in the colourful storytelling of illustrator Jack Taylor’s striking aerosol painted hoardings that bring Assembly Way to life.


Colourblock Cranes - Morag Myerscough

A Morag Myerscough created series of vibrant colourways for cranes used on construction sites overlooking the river Thames gloriously animate the Peninsula skyline.


Steve Lazarides' print studio

Gallerist and urban art specialist Steve Lazarides is part of the burgeoning Peninsula cultural community. His studios are a space for contemporary artists to draw fresh inspiration from the river and skyline.


Liberty Grip - Gary Hume

A sculpture of the human form caught between representation and abstraction, modelled in three separate sections, each based on the arm of a store mannequin. Traditional bronze arms playfully contrast with candy-pink patina at the end of each limb.


Quantum Cloud - Antony Gormley

Lose yourself in this monumental 30 metre high sculpture, created to celebrate the millennium. It evokes the quantum age and questions the relationship of the self to world, and looks beautiful at sunset.


Slice of Reality - Richard Wilson

A sliced vertical section of an ocean-going sand dredger stands on the foreshore of the Thames leaving it strikingly exposed to the effects of weather and tide.


Noodle Maze

As part of the Peninsula’s summer culture season, a collection of playful elements that will inhabit Peninsula Square. Walk, or dance your way through 241 hanging noodles, which are inspired by childhood memories, playground games and imagination.