Keep London Creative

"Without creativity at its heart, London just isn’t London."

A city of hope, talent, creativity. Of self-expression, exploration and opportunity. No wonder London attracts the best young talent from across the world.

Our city is an incubator and launch pad for innovation. A place that nurtures and respects ideas. Where creativity contributes billions to our economy, and is priceless for our way of life. So it’s crucial that our makers aren’t displaced by the growth of our city.

Let’s keep London creative. Because without creativity at its heart, London just isn’t London.

We asked creatives what keeps them rooted in the big smoke. And we’re asking you to join the #KeepLondonCreative movement. Share photos on Instagram of your creative process – works in progress, your studio and yourself – with #KeepLondonCreative. Six creatives will be featured on Wallpaper* on Tuesday 26th September.

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“There’s a buzz and an appetite in London right now that’s quite visceral: not just within the fashion industry, but in the creative arts as a whole. London’s the home of character: the heartland of eccentricity and independence. London gave the world Johnny Rotten, Oscar Wilde, Quentin Crisp, Freddie Mercury… In terms of style, it has nothing to prove but keeps on proving itself regardless. It’s the most interesting place in the world.” Charles Jeffrey, LOVERBOY


“I am in love with the people in London. They are its spirit. To work with so many different people from different places is really inspiring. I believe the combination of us all and the clashes we create make us better; we innovate, we grow, we challenge. London to me equals energy.” Sophie Ashby, Founder and Interior Designer, Studio Ashby


“The noise, the smells and the rampant pace of London feeds my brain, my imagination and my work. Yes, it is full on! Yes, it can be difficult, but it never fails to jolt me out of myself. Just when you get bored of London something happens to remind you that we’re all just trying, all living to make something beautiful that can be heard over the noise.”  Dal Chodha, Editor, Archivist 

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