The Pioneers

"Tucked in its own loop of the Thames, the Peninsula now has a thriving cultural scene."

From December 2015, Greenwich Peninsula has welcomed its first wave of buyers and renters; urban pioneers who are, essentially, the seeds of a vibrant community forming in this new area of London. It’s not a tricky proposition to find appealing. Tucked in its own loop of the Thames, the Peninsula now has a thriving cultural scene — from The O2 to Stevie Parle’s celebrated Craft café, restaurant and bar — as well as landscaped green spaces, residences exude warmth and an understated elegance, the Peninsula offers modern palettes and an adaptable backdrop for personal tastes.

The Peninsula is also unrivalled for convenience: the London Underground, Thames Clipper and Emirates Cable Car connect the Peninsula with the whole of the city. To date, apartments on the Peninsula have been sold only within London, with many initiatives aimed at first-time buyers. Knight Dragon has encouraged first-time buyers with the support of Help to Buy. So far, 50 per cent of the flats have been sold to buyers acquiring their first home.

There’s a particular excitement attached to having the opportunity to purchase in London, and this bunch of clued-up buyers are getting in on the ground floor of a new district that maximises on the pleasures of cosmopolitan living.

And what’s a new neighbourhood without getting to know your neighbours? Just one in a raft of social happenings, Knight Dragon recently invited it’s first-time buyers who secured a property at The Moore to a drinks reception on the Peninsula. Among the guests was Paddy Ng, in his mid-twenties and working in finance in Canary Wharf, Paddy missed out on apartments at previous launches having underestimated demand and so queued for five hours at The Moore — he was shaking with excitement on securing his studio flat. Scott Jeffries and his girlfriend, Charlotte, are also both in their mid-twenties.

Scott works as an EE marketing manager and she for Cantar. Scott currently rents in Greenwich Millennium Village and they both loved the area so decided to pool their resources and purchase a one-bed flat at The Moore. Anushka Ram currently lives in Colindale but also works in Canary Wharf. She wanted to be closer to work but also have amenities, bars and restaurants on her doorstep. We spoke to Sophie Moren and Linda Gadalla, a buyer and renter respectively about their experience of setting up home on Greenwich Peninsula, and the perks of a riverside lifestyle.

Linda Gadalla, Rents at The Moore

What initially drew you to the development in Greenwich Peninsula?

I had lived in the area for the past 18 months in a different building and really liked the location. I am from the Midlands, so I’m used to being in the countryside; living in Greenwich next to the river and the Greenwich Ecology Park doesn’t feel like full on city living, which was great for me. I feel like I have the best of both worlds: city life within easy reach as well as
open spaces. Also, it is a great location for my work, as I can walk and avoid the joys of rush hour commuting!

The convenience to the Jubilee line, and the ability to get anywhere in London easily. Buses are on my doorstep too. All the supermarkets are within a 15-minute drive, bus or tube ride. Also, Stratford Shopping Centre is within easy reach.

Favourite spot to relax on the Peninsula?

A walk along the river, and in to Greenwich. Plus the pubs, and Canary Wharf.

Any other perks of the neighbourhoods?

My neighbours in The Moore are all very friendly; I’ll often have chats in the lifts. The neighbourhood is safe and well lit, which is very important. And I’m looking forward to some sunbathing on the balcony in the summer!



Sophie Moren, Owns at The Moore

What initially drew you to the development in Greenwich Peninsula?

That it is in Zone 2, and Help to Buy was available. The future development plans are exciting, and I think it will be a great investment for us.

Where were you living prior to moving to Greenwich? How is it different?

I was renting in Oval in south London. It feels like there is more of a community developing here on the Peninsula. It’s also a great place to run — being so close to the river is amazing. Running right round The O2 feels like a hidden gem, it’s so quiet and peaceful.

What are you enjoying most about the neighbourhood so far?

We have everything on our doorstep, from the cinema and bowling, to a pub lunch at The Pilot (68 River Way, T 020 8858 5910). Whatever we could wish for we have!

Favourite spot to relax on the Peninsula?

There’s a bench in the middle of Greenwich park which has amazing views across London, and we can see our balcony from there too!

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